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The access to the internet has become an integral part of the modern human life. A lot of our day to day jobs are done through this most effective medium of communication. But how would you feel as a visitor to experience that any particular website is appearing differently on various devices? Will this be helpful for you or the opposite? I think I don’t need to answer the question. Every user will say that it is less convenient. This is negative for the credibility of the website as well.

This is where the significance of responsive web design lies. There are many people who may not be aware of Responsive Web Design or RWD. This is still a new method of web design and it is being adapted largely by the website designers across the globe. The technology that has contributed behind the invention of this design is mobile technology. The introduction of smart phones has brought a huge change in the way we access internet. And because of smart phones, websites are now being designed with this design form.

Responsive web design offers equal visual pleasure across the devices

Responsive web design offers equal visual pleasure across the devices

The name of the design clears a lot of things and in case if it doesn’t, this a design intending to offer equal visual pleasure to the visitors from all kinds of devices. In simple words, if a website is responsive, the content, layout, imagery, graphics and all other things of that site will remain unchanged or you can say will adjust automatically with the screen resolution of the device. So, users will not need to zoom in or out or shrink the page size to fit the screen. In one word, these sites are called mobile-friendly website.

The importance of such websites has now been recognized by the search engine giant Google as well. In their recent update “Mobilegeddon”, Google has declared that they will give priority to the mobile-friendly websites when the search will be performed from mobile devices. This means, if your website is not responsive, the likelihood is, you will have to compromise with the wide customer base of mobile internet users. Below here are some of the advantages of this design format:

I) This offers equal visual pleasure to the visitors thus increase the credibility of the website.

II) Responsive web design reduces the cost of web design since you don’t have to design website for different devices separately.

III) Responsive web design is very SEO-friendly and thus helps to drive more visitors to the website from all kinds of devices.

Therefore, whether you are doing online business for a long or not, is your website responsive? If it is not and if you have understood the effectiveness of this design, it is time to upgrade your website design to responsive.

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